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CMS is a software company specializing in the development of TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software. TruckWin’s unique uniform system of cost accounts has four key transport cost segments built right in. Each accounting module records and classifies transactions into the four key transport cost segments and summarizes the costs into an income statement that measures the four cost segments on both a percentage of freight revenue and on a per mile basis.
The income statement also accumulates daily, monthly and yearly transport margins available for critically important quick breakeven and targeted profit analysis. TruckWin comes with a handbook on the best practices in using the uniform system of costs accounts, easy-to-learn formulas, financial ratios and benchmarks along with an Excel spreadsheet to project and forecast improved future performance. The system is the solution to measuring historical profitability and improved future performance.
This uniform system of costs accounts and TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software with its uniform system of cost accounts has been developed for over 28 years and is affordable. It has been specifically designed for helping transport companies measure and maintain profitability.
Our Nation needs you profitable!
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Shippernet Freight Solutions complements our goal by facilitating freight transactions and developing internet systems designed to keep transport carriers profitable by fully recovering the current costs of transport that includes a net profit sufficient to yield a fair return on their invested capital.
To prevent transport cost markups, transparency and true competitive freight pricing ShipperNet is totally dedicated to assisting shippers in dealing directly with our National Network of pre-qualified transport carriers operating throughout the United States. ShipperNet maintains for Shippers at a list of pre-qualified transport carriers with a direct link to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) database. With a mouse click, shippers can review the legal status, insurance coverage and safety records of any carrier listed at the directory.
Shippers can create their own “stable” of preferred transport carriers. can also provide all the web tendering and rate tools to bid or quote rates directly with one or multiple pre-qualified transport carriers listed on the directory. If they are not listed, no problem, we can pre-qualify them and set them up for you at no cost. All tenders, bids and subsequent paperwork can be signed and electronically exchanged. Web tools are designed for complete pricing transparency between shipper and transport carrier on every freight transaction. Direct competitive pricing is assured. No intermediary freight markups. No additional paperwork. No missed communications. No hassle. You deal direct.
What makes our private network superior to anything you may have used before can be summed up with two words, “trust” and “fair”. You can “trust” our exclusive motor transport carriers because they’re pre-qualified. You can be assured the transactions are “fair” because we require transparent disclosures and we publish rate benchmarks for the current cost of transport for 9 different regions of the United States.
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CarrierNet Group Financial

Shippernet Freight Solutions

Since 2002 our founder Jerry Noonan, former fleet owner and CPA, has been helping smaller transport carriers with outsourced billing, collecting and quick cash flow services through an affiliated company, CarrierNet Group Financial. For one low fee CNGF provides billing, collecting and quick pay financing of freight bills for the smaller transport carrier. With the billing and collecting services comes a full array of services such as fuel card cash replenishments, diesel fuel purchasing discounts, TruckWin Dispatch and Accounting software coupled with the SmarTrucks program that helps transport carriers maximize their profit potential. SmarTrucks was created to fill the goal of providing products and services that help a transport carrier grow without the demands of fighting billing, collecting and cash flow problems. One low fee that includes finance and administrative value added services.
Our mission statement is simple: Provide billing and collecting services, quick cash flow when needed and education on how to operate smarter with technology, software and service offering options that can maximize current profits and improve future financial performance.
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