For Shippers and Beneficial Cargo Owners

With an account signup and good credit a Shipper or Beneficial Cargo Owner can be pre-qualified to conduct Freight Order Reverse Auctions (FORAM) or Freight Order Spot Market Load Board transport service procurement auctions at the Transport Carrier Network. website.

Freight Order transport procurement auctions can be started at any time at any one of the TCN Network Shippernet Freight Center websites, at or nearby, over 1850 towns, cities, ports, and airports.  Transport carriers doing business in the area or moving through with available space are listed at one or multiple locations with contact information for shippers, brokers, and beneficial owners of freight cargo (BCOs).

Auctioned procurement contracts for carriage transactions are billed, collected, and settled for by the independent financial clearing house, Carriernet Group Financial with all auction and clearing fees paid by the winning transport carrier SELLER or SELLERS of transport services.

The National Transport Carrier Directory provides company name, domicle address, contact information, and a link to the company's website and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety database to provide carrier's active registration, insurance coverage, safety information and provide Viewing Authorities for quick Shipper or BCO pre-qualification information.

At a directory listing an Equipment Status Listing is provided to Shippers and BCOs of the type of stationary or moving equipment a transport carrier has available for hire at one or more Shippernet Freight Center locations along with Load and Shipment Tracking information.

View moving and stationary equipment for hire at multiple Shippernet Freight Centers. Phone APP available to update equipment in route.

TCN provides a Shipper Directory listing and Document Management system for the convenient uploading of Proof of delivery documents and other pertinent documents required under the specific terms and conditions of a contract for carriage.

TCN provides a tracking system for loads and shipments tendered to transport carriers. With a username and password provided by the transport carrier, a shipper is able to track online the current progress of the load or shipment to its destination with estimated arrival times.

Current and Future Costs Per Mile data is updated weekly as a guide for shippers and BCOs to reference in comparing, analyzing, and negotiating fair and reasonable rates in either a FORAM or Spot Market Load Board reverse auction. With an account a Cost Per Mile Simulator is provided to to calculate the total miles and current cost of transport for the load or shipment.

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